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We created our team because we know that true support should leave you with money in the bank and programs that are sustainable.  Our focus is to work with our clients to solve problems, reduce costs, and optimize processes. We believe the best way to do this is to enhance team competencies, and deliver the knowledge and tools for self-sufficiency.

Tim McGee

Tim has decades of experience achieving breakthrough level cost savings with companies across the industry spectrum.  He is a sought-after expert in sourcing, cost reduction, negotiation, supplier relationship management and business partnering.   His belief that "if you want to know what your business partners want, go ask them" ensures that every project is grounded in solid business requirements and will deliver sustainable savings.

Rebecca Karp

Rebecca's years of corporate procurement leadership marry 

clients targets with the practical realities of how companies work to ensure that savings get delivered.  She has led procurement transformations at several companies.  Her teams have secured spots on functional leadership teams like IT and R&D.  She is an expert in "digital procurement" - using technology to drive teams farther, faster.

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